Sunday, January 30, 2011

Paper Towels

After you wash your hands, if the public bathroom you are in does not have hand driers and you are forced to use paper towels, limit the amount of paper towel you take to dry your hands.  You don’t need 3 feet of paper towel to dry off your hands, so just take the amount you need, which should be about 6 inches. Some may argue that a small amount does not “dry your hands all the way.”  To avoid this, try shaking off the excess water and then dry them off with the small amount of paper towel.  If your paper towel dispenser is automatic, rip the paper towel before it is released all the way.  There will be a little hanging out, but then the next person won’t have to waste as many paper towel releases if they have enough.  Your little step can go a long way. 

I’ve heard many arguments in the past that, “it doesn’t matter how much I take they already chopped down the trees and made all these paper towels.”  My answer is: True, however the key word here is reduce.  If you reduce the amount consumed, then there will be more for other people to use, reducing the amount of time it takes to replace the dispenser.  Eventually, the amount of paper towel the school uses will decrease and they won’t have to purchase as much reducing their costs.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dim Your Computer Screen

My friend brought this up during our environmental policy class yesterday.  Dim your computer to save your battery life on your computer.  Dimming your screen makes the screen darker so you use less energy to power it making your battery last longer.  A longer battery means less charging time and less charging time means smaller energy consumption reducing your energy bills.   

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Automatic vs Normal Doors

Most colleges or public buildings have automatic doors to assist the handicapped.  However, automatic doors are bad!  If you are handicapped, I understand you may not be able to do this, but for those who are able use the non-automatic door please use it.  Yes that requires you to use your muscles and open a door but doing this will reduce the amount of heat/air conditioning from leaving the building.  An automatic door keeps the door open letting heat/air conditioning escape 4 times longer than using a normal door that swings shut right away.  This will help reduce the amount of heat/cool air costs for your school and that money could be used towards other projects to help your education.  And as an added bonus for gentlemen, holding the door open for ladies is quite the generous common courtesy.  Maybe holding the door for that cute girl behind you will be the start of something beautiful.  

Hold It

I know this may sound odd… but try sometimes holding going to the bathroom until you REALLY have to go.  Each flush uses approximately 3 gallons on water and if you go to the restroom 1 time within a 2 hour period instead of 2 times within that time, you save twice as much water.  I’m not telling you to hold your human waste in for TOO long, just don’t waste a flush unless you truly need to go.  

Sunday, January 23, 2011


My blog is mainly dark in color because it uses less energy.  I got the idea from the search engine site, Blackle.  Blackle is just like Google, but the background is black to make screens around the world darker utilizing less energy than a bright screen would. 

Give Blackle a try!


College Textbooks.  Two words that will make you cringe due to their obnoxious prices.  An average college student will spend over $500 a semester on books for their classes.  However, there are ways to reduce that cost.  Go to different bookstores on or around your campus to figure out who has the best RENTAL prices.  Renting books reduces the amount of resources needed to produce a brand new book and goes back to the simple idea of reusing. 

Another important resources for textbook rentals is a wonderful site called Chegg.  Chegg saves students hundreds of dollars each year through their online service that rents books for a decent price and for every order they plant a tree!  It also costs $0 to ship the books back to Chegg, which makes it an even more affordable service for students.

Check out the link below.  It's easy to use and use this code to receive an extra discount: CC127922 Rent Textbooks. Cheap Textbook Rentals for College

Study Guides

When making study guides on your computer for notes or upcoming tests, widen the margins and reduce the font size to utilize maximum page space.  Also, avoid double spacing.  This can take a 7 page study guide and turn it into 4 page study guide not only saving trees made into paper, but saving you more paper you can use for later projects and increasing the period of time until you need to buy more paper. 


“Let the sunshine in!”  Open your blinds and utilize the sun’s glow to light up your home or workplace.  There is no need to turn on any lights when there is bright sunshine right outside to do the job for you.  This will cut down on your energy bill due to the lack of lamps being used.  If you’re worried about excess heat/cool air leaving through open windows, simply keep your blinds down and open them slightly to reduce the amount of heat/cool air from leaving.


Don’t wash your laundry until you have a FULL load.  For example, let’s say you separate your darks and lights, but you have full load of darks and only half a load of whites.  Put the whites aside and wait another week or so of wearing whites until there is a full load and then wash them together.  This will cut down on the amount of water and energy used per cycle, therefore cutting down on your water and energy bills.

Reuse School Supplies

Reuse school supplies from previous semesters.  You don’t need brand new supplies each and every semester.  Therefore, reusing notebooks, folders, pens, etc. will cut down on the amount of resources it took to produce these items as well as save money on materials you don’t need.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Does it Mean to Be EGOlogical

My mission: To take the typical struggling college student and teach them how to save money by simply saving the Earth.  In other words, becoming EGOlogical

Hello my name is Hilary Ego.  I am currently a sophomore at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas studying Environmental Studies and I am also a member of the UNLV Women’s Swimming & Diving team.  I have two passions in life, one is swimming and the other: is to change the world.  More specifically by helping our beloved Mother Earth by protecting her beautiful environmental treasures. 

In high school, my best friend Angela and I started our own environmental club we named, Environment Heroes.  I spent countless hours devoting time to changing our student body’s environmental awareness by implementing a recycling program, reading green tips during morning announcements, organizing school cleanups, and organizing community projects.  Angela and I were also the student ambassadors for the city’s environmental task force.  However, now as a full time college student with a busy schedule full of classes and swim practices, I don’t have the same amount of time that I did in high school to lead or let alone participate in environmental awareness projects. 

Therefore, I started this blog.  To expand on my mission, I would like to educate people, but more specifically college students, on what they can do to change their environmental impact while also saving money.  Being away from home is difficult and trying to adjust to a new lifestyle for some students can lead to new habits that are less environmentally friendly.  Therefore, trying to adjust your new lifestyle to be more ecologically sound is often ignored and sadly forgotten. 

That’s where I come in.  There are many small things you can do that will save you money.  From writing class notes, to going to the bathroom, there are small steps you can take that you may not have thought of before.  The tips I provide aren’t your average “green tips” you hear about every day.  These are things that I take note of in my daily life as a college student that I know can help you too. 

So let’s make a deal.  I tell you how to save the planet, and you save some money.  Who ever said underage college students can’t gamble in Vegas?! 

I’m excited to embark on this journey of saving money, and the planet with YOU!