Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lid vs. No Lid

Time... We all wish we could have a little more of it in our busy lives especially when it comes to cooking a quick meal.  With a full schedule, a satisfying meal could be as simple as making a pasta dish.  Packaged uncooked pasta takes about 10 minutes to cook, however what takes the longest is boiling the water.  One way to speed up the process is to boil the pot of water with the lid on.  This will trap the heat in the pot instead of releasing it into the air.  Therefore, the water in the pot will be heated more and come to a boil much quicker. 

This is beneficial because, not only are you saving time boiling the pot of water, you are saving the extra electricity or gas you would have used if the lid was not on the pot.  This will save you money since you will not be using and paying for an unused amount of energy.  This will also help the environment because fewer energy resources were produced and consumed, which will reduce its environmental damage.