Sunday, November 4, 2012

Say NO to Bagged Salads

In today’s modern society, people tend to live exceptionally busy lifestyles.  Innovations in technology have found ways to make everyday tasks more convenient and save some precious time.  One of those innovations was invention of pre-packaged bagged salads. 

Bagged salads contain chopped lettuce leaves that are washed in chlorine.  In order to keep the leaves fresh, they are packaged in an airtight plastic bag.  These processes cause the leaves to lose their antioxidant nutrients and also cause a need for excess energy.  The amount of energy used to manufacture bagged salads causes pollution during energy production and consumption, therefore polluting the environment and accelerating climate change. 

Instead of grabbing a pre-packaged bagged salad at the grocery store, buy fresh lettuce heads and create a unique salad of your own.  Yes, it may take you a few extra minutes… but the rewards are worth it.  You are obtaining more nutrients, saving money since lettuce heads a significantly cheaper than bagged salads, and saving the environment all at the same time!