Friday, December 23, 2011

Newspaper Gift Wrapping

Happy Holidays!  Gift giving is not the most eco friendly activity since it requires buying new things that we don’t necessarily need.  However, around this time of the year it is difficult to avoid due to societal pressures and traditions.  Therefore there are some things we can do to reduce your holiday environmental impact such as buying “eco-friendly” products, making labels out of old cut-up holiday cards, or wrapping gifts with newspaper.  Watch the video, “8 Eco-Friendly Ways to Wrap Gifts With Newspaper” shown below to learn how you can give an extra flair to something as simple as newspaper.  One extra EGOlogical tip to keep in mind, use a small piece of tape to hold the paper together.  I guarantee that two inches of tape can be reduced to a centimeter and still hold the paper together and your wrapping will still look beautiful.  Good luck and Happy Holidays.