Friday, July 1, 2011

Say NO to Plastic Bags

When it comes to storing food most people opt to using plastic bags, or what some of us grew up calling them, “ plastic baggies,” to keep our food fresh for a certain time period.  Whether it is packing up a sandwich for lunch or storing left over chicken and pasta from dinner, plastic bags have been an easy solution.  However, plastic bags are not good for the environment because almost 99% of the people that use them throw them away after they have been used and will pile up in our landfills taking thousands of years to decompose.  Therefore, the alternative I suggest you use are containers.  Yes containers are made of plastic, however they can be reused more than plastic bags because they are more durable and are most likely to be recycled when they get old.  Containers come in many different sizes that will best suit your needs from packing lunches to storing dinners.  If you want to even save a little more money and be even more environmentally friendly, look for used containers at thrift stores.  Used is always better than new because you are not supporting the demand for new containers and all the pollution that goes into the production of them.  Switching from plastic bags to containers will save you money over time because you won’t have to keep buying more bags once you run out.  With containers you get to use them over and over and they will last you a long time if you take care of them.  Save plastic from the landfills and save some extra money with this EGOlogical tip!  

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  1. Great post. I completely agree. Another option is looking for glass containers. They are safer for reheating too!