Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fix Leaky Toilets

Leaky toilets can cause a lot of problems for the environment and your wallet.  When there is a leak in the cistern (the top part of the toilet), drops of water are leaking into the bowl of the toilet, causing the cistern to continuously add more water to make up for what is lost.  This causes unnecessary water usage and increases your water bill.  Therefore, check to leaking cisterns to avoid this.

According to, you can check to see if you have a leaky cistern by adding a few drops of food coloring into the cistern.  If the food coloring ends up in the toilet bowl without flushing it, then there is a leak.  If the food coloring stays in the cistern, then there is no leak.   To fix the leak, you can replace the “underwater valve seating washer,” the rubber piece that keeps water in the cistern, and these are found at most plumbing stores.  This will cost you a few dollars, however the cost is a lot less than how high your water bill would be if you didn’t replace it.  Visit to find out more "easy ways to save water" in your home.  


  1. that is true. This are one of the reason why I remove the cistern (as what you call it) in my toilet. It's really giving me such big problem with money. right now I am using a dipper not just to save money but save water.

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  2. In addition, another problem with a leaking toilet cistern is when it has cracks. One way to fix it is to seal the cracks with plumber’s putty on it, or plumber’s epoxy for a more permanent solution. I agree that leaking toilet cisterns waste water, so it would be best to fix the problem right away to avoid jacking up your water consumption bill.

    @Bibi Karpel

  3. It is important that you fix your leaky toilet as soon as possible. Remember, the water leaking out of it doesn’t only contribute to the growth of mold in some areas of your bathroom, but it can lead injuries as well. A slippery bathroom surface is dangerous especially for the older ones. It is highly likely that they’ll lose their balance and fall to the ground, which may break some bones in the process.

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