Thursday, March 22, 2012

World Water Day 2012

Happy World Water Day 2012!  United Nations put aside this international day to celebrate freshwater and to focus our attention on the importance of freshwater and advocate for sustainable management of freshwater resources. Each year, the UN chooses a focus for World Water Day and 2012’s focus is about water and food security.  The importance of your water footprint due to water, food, and clothing production are highlighted by providing the problems and mitigation strategies.  Everyday, water is used and polluted to produce the items we consume at an alarming rate.  Visit to find out more information about World Water Day.   On their website are activities and tools that will also help explain the importance of water conservation. 

One Be EGOlogical tip previously highlighted about your water footprint is to stop drinking bottled water and drink tap water.  Bottled water is literally bottled tap water and companies around the world are drying up natural sources and selling you “clean, pure, tasty, and healthy” water.  Bottled water also has many negative impacts due to the production, transportation, and disposal of plastic bottles.  The video, The Story of Bottled Water, explains the reasons why bottled water is not good for our health or the environment:

If you want to watch a more detailed documentary about the negative impacts of the bottled water industry, I suggest you watch the documentary, Tapped.  (Don't forget the Be EGOlogical tip, Don't Buy, but RENT DVD's).  You can watch it on Hulu for free or if you have Netflix it is also on there.  Below is the trailer for Tapped:

Another Be EGOlogical tip to reduce your water footprint is to participate in Meat Free Monday.  Going vegetarian would be ideal, however for those of us who are not quite ready for this step, giving up meat once a week is definitely a feasible goal.  It takes HUGE amounts of water to produce the grain/plants that are used to feed animals, so why not skip the cow and just eat the plants?

Next time you are shopping, try to be aware that whenever you buy an item you are voting.  Be conscience of your purchases, because you may be supporting things that are not good for the environment.  Spread awareness and take action by doing the little things that all add up to one big change. 

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